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  3. 2. Virgos are hardworking.

Virgo Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits and Sign Dates | Allure

Here are 10 facts you must know about this zodiac sign. We've selected 15 interesting facts on the Virgo personality you absolutely need to read! Virgo is very health conscious and loves spending part of their free time meditating and taking part in yoga workouts. The art of happiness for Virgo can be resumed as a carefree and straightforward yet fulfilling life. Virgo is one of the three Earth signs. Just like Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is reliable, prudent, organized , and loves to compartmentalize life. Even if other zodiacs are more active about chasing opportunities, Virgos always have their dreams and zodiac sign goals laid out.

They know exactly what they want out of life. Virgos are very wise and give off an amazing aura. Under the influence of Mercury, Virgo has great talents for communication and expressing their feelings. At ease with ideas and words, they are very talented when it comes to giving great speeches. Their gift with words often helps them reassure their friends and family when they are in times of need. Virgo male traits include being practical, observant, and helpful.

Perfection, trustworthiness, and honesty are some of the basic characteristics of a Virgo male. The Virgo male is very difficult to read and takes a while being to open up and relax around new people.

VIRGO zodiac sign : personality, love, life mission, health, career, psychology

Virgo females are often underrated because they are often perceived as lacking essential life experience. They love learning from her day-to-day activities, because it helps her relate and connect to other people. A lot of Virgo women find their professional calling in care giving careers such as nursing.

How well do you know the traits of the Virgo? Understanding Virgo's personality will help you build better relationships with Virgo in love, work and life. Difficulties occur when a Virgo worries too much or is too critical of their surroundings and themselves.

The Masters Of Sarcasm – The Virgos Are Here!!!

Caring and nurturing, when a Virgo loves someone, they will obsessively do everything in their power to make their loved one feel good and satisfied. As partners - Virgo representatives get extremely caring once they build intimacy. In a way, this gives the impression they are too attached, and some of the more liberal signs could have trouble coping with their need for control.

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In general, a Virgo will be attentive and nurturing, but at the same time reasonable and choosing their partner based on all sorts of different criteria — many of them not linked to emotions at all. As parents - Virgos will act in a way they think is smart. Even though this may seem almost as if they lack emotion for their children, only their children will know just how much love hides behind the act.

Virgos love discipline and order, and if they stray from compassion, this can become a problem.

In general, however, this is a good thing, and they have a natural ability to establish order and make things functional and supporting within their family. As children - Virgos are more sensitive than meets the eye. Their curiosity can be described as unemotional or detached, and they need parents that can recognize their finest emotions and teach them how to name and express them in a socially acceptable manner.

Obedient and modest by nature, they are easily hurt and their sense of self-worth needs to be built from day one. They will usually have good working habits and be responsible enough to know what falls under their jurisdiction in household activities.

However, they have trouble realizing just how good is the work they have done, and need to be acknowledged when they lose sight of what they did good. With Pisces in their seventh house, without idealistic views and trust everything else makes no sense at all. The element of Earth they belong to makes them somewhat stable, and when they are aware of all the rational and emotional benefits of the relationship they are in, they will remain faithful and full of support for their partner.

Shy and difficult to open up, these individuals sometimes have trouble finding a partner at all, or at least finding someone they can actually connect with. Repeat, but with an increasing level of perfection. Most partners can gladly live with that. The most basic component of your horoscope is your star sign, which is the Zodiac sign the sun occupied at the time of your birth.

The above text about your sexuality is based on that. You have to check your complete horoscope chart to get the full picture of your sexuality according to astrology.

2. Virgos are hardworking.

Still, your star sign gives some clues to your sexual habits and preferences. Here are links to all the twelve Zodiac signs and what astrology reveals about their sexuality traits. English name: The Ram. Sun sign dates: March 21 — April Aries Sexuality.

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Virgo Love and Sex

Sun sign dates: July 23 — August