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Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Libra today. You will have to put your trust into another person today. He or she will help you in some crucial task which will significantly affect your future, but the key here is the trust that you will have to place in that person.

Today's Libra Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

This will require a leap of faith on your part. You have been thinking about bringing about a drastic change in your diet in the last few days, but were being held back by doubts.

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Today, all doubts will vanish and you will understand what exactly is needed for your own continuous good health. This can lead to a complete change in your lifestyle. The new way that you choose can appear unconventional and scary, but this is the right path for you.

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The planets have lined up right for your love life. Be sure to go out with friends and enjoy yourself.


You will find opportunities for dating and relationship opening up even in unlikely places. So you need to mix and mingle.

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This is the right time to explore a new relationship about which you may have had doubts in the past. Understand compatibility with love horoscope.

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Get up two hours earlier to curl your eyelashes or iron your silk shirt — but be on time! Sagittarius Taurus. Aquarius Cancer. Get the Horoscope Guide! Career Horoscope: Libra.

Libra Daily Career And Business Horoscope

Ruled by beauty-loving Venus, many Libras work in the arts, or inside the beauty, fashion and design industries. Since you naturally understand balance, you could also work as an architect, graphic designer or engineer.

Either way, a tasteful work environment is a must. Aries Leo Sagittarius.

Libra Horoscope - Daily

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